Ragathiel (pronounced rah-GATH-ee-el) is an empyreal lord—a good servant of the gods who through transcendence has achieved some small measure of divine power—known as the General of Vengeance. His portfolio includes chivalry, duty, and vengeance, and his holy symbol is a bastard sword crossed with a crimson wing. He makes his home at the base of the mountain of Heaven, in his eponymous fortress, a magnificent steel structure designed to withstand a thousand-year siege if need be.

Ragathiel is the child of the archdevil Dispater, the father of Dis, and Feronia, a demigoddess of the Plane of Fire. He stands almost 20 feet tall an five lofty burning wings stretch from his back. His sixth wing was torn from his body by Dispater.

Ragathiel takes an active role in the battle against Hell’s fiendish legions. He shines at the head of his army, a figure of golden light cleaving through the ranks of devils that face him. Soldiers of all kinds, but particularly knights, pay homage to Ragathiel and pray for his virtue and wrathful strength in battle. Those who have taken vows, especially those of duty or vengeance, hold Ragathiel as their ideal, and his agents sometimes assist those who have been grievously wronged and now seek righteous vengeance. His minions typically are aasimar paladins, blink dogs, and kirin.


The holiest time for Ragathiel’s followers is the brief moments before and after a battle. The faithful ask Ragathiel’s eyes to fall upon them and for his wings to shield them. This is also a standard greeting and farewell among worshipers. Followers of Ragathiel commonly wear red and silver clothing. Many also don an ornament or sigil the color of flames, typically on the helmet.

Example prayers to Ragathiel

  • Evil actions in my presence are as a gauntlet laid down in challenge. I shall pick up the gauge and stand tall in my defiance of the foul. Those curs who seek to renounce me thus will find that as the one challenged, it is I who first come to arms. And with brilliant vengeance I will strike them down holy indignation.
  • Those that have wronged the righteous will feel Ragathiel’s wrath made manifest in me. They will find no succor in magic, no reprieve in rest, no salvation in shadow, no safety in numbers, no protection in armor, and no fortress in power that I can not overcome. Those who serve the darkness will find themselves broken and rent before my blessed might!
  • Duties laid upon me in the cause of the righteous are not burdens, but are exaltations and joys to occupy the heart. Be it with quiet dignity or loud praise, I shall fulfill them in vehement stride.
  • My sword shall be the way, cutting down the wicked. My shield shall be a bulwark against the darkness. My armor will be an inexorable fortress, unyielding to the tides of the abyss. My light shall purge the hoards of the undead. My magic shall burn the denizens of the hells with holy fire. And the enemies of justice shall be scattered as the dust in the winds before the Word of the General of Vengeance!
  • When the words of darkness spread through Golarion I shale cleave each shadow in twain. When my sword swings in the air it will sing as chorus of angels in victory! And its sound will cause the agents of evil and darkness to tremble in fear and cry at the sound of my lords might!
  • A name means much, but it is by actions that I shall truly judge a stranger’s worth. A crippled criminal may rise to stand against evil, where a devout priest or king might cower in the shadows. Then it will be criminal I shall call my brother. For through the destruction of the wicked do we ear our salvation!


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