Empyreal Lords

Mortals tend to focus on three types of celestial beings. Agathions (also known as Guardinals) are the protectors of Creation, while Angels are the servants of the Gods and Archons are the Warriors of the Heavens.

Some mortals mistakenly count Azata as Celestials. However, Azata are actually members of the Fey Seelie Court, which tends to favor goodness over evil.

Mortals sometimes pray to the Agathion Lords, Archangels and Archon Lords for intercession against evil hosts. What follows is a list of the most commonly invoked Empyreal Lords and their spheres of influence.

Ragathiel is an important Empyreal Lord, worshipped in Kenabres.
Arqueros, the lord of Bodyguards is also an important Empyreal lord.
Bharnarol is said to make the best equipment in the multiverse.
Olheon is an ancient Archon lord of Nobility and Rulership.
Soralyion is the empyreal lord of magic and warding.
Valani is an Azata lord of change and growth
Erithrice is an Agathion lord of Debate, Opinions and truth

Empyreal Lords

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