Lord of the Locust Host
CE male demon lord of chasms, infestations, and locusts


Unholy Symbol
Crossed locust wings dripping with blood

Caverns, rifts, ruined churches

Denizens of the Worldwound, doomsayers, worms that walk

Giant vermin, retrievers, swarms, vermleks

Meditate while allowing insects or worms of any type to crawl upon your body—if no such vermin is available, you must instead lie facedown in a trench dug into soil and mouth prayers to Deskari into the dirt while scratching yourself with sharp bits of bone or wood. Gain a +4 profane bonus on all saving throws against disease and against effects caused by vermin.

Thought to be Pazuzu’s greatest son, Deskari is believed by many scholars to be the Usher of the Apocalypse. He and his cult long plagued the northern nation of Sarkoris, where his cultists were eventually driven into the Lake of Mists and Veils by Aroden. Yet upon Aroden’s death, Deskari’s influence on Golarion ripened and burst, transforming Sarkoris into the demon-haunted Worldwound. The blighted land is barely held in check today through the diligence of crusaders from Mendev and the south, who fear that the Worldwound could eventually spread to engulf all of Avistan remain.

Cults of Deskari continue to prosper and cause problems in Mendev, northeastern Numeria, and Brevoy, yet it is in the Worldwound itself that the presence of the Lord of the Locust Host can most strongly be felt. Here, armies of bickering fiends are led by powerful, unique demons, and the very land itself shakes in pain.

Deskari’s Abyssal realm, a horrific maze of chasms known as the Rasping Rifts, features many direct portals to the growing rift of the Worldwound. Deskari appears as an insectoid creature, vaguely humanoid above the waist and locust-like below, with wings made of swarming insects and hands holding a terrible scythe known as the Riftcarver—a powerful weapon that can be used to create earthquakes or cut chasms into the ground, among other things.


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