The Fifth Crusade! Worldwound Adventures

The Story so Far (Session 4)

18-19 Arodus 4713 AR

Before continuing their travels, the party requested the services of a local blacksmith named Agni Sagestone, a famous artificer and warrior in Mendev. Agni gave some ridiculous initial prices to the group, but they easily identified the inconsistency and asked for a reconsideration, laughing Agni told them it was just a test, and bought all their extra weaponry for a fair price. After that they commissioned a Magic Full plate for Jamros and some cold iron weaponry for Celthric, Turael and Kronug. After that they rested and Irabeth presented them Hathelerm Arir, they began their quest to investigate the safehouses and escort the envoy, in their way for it they found a group of citizens fighting each other inside an improvised ring made of ruble, they later found the people was being manipulated by a group of Demons, who were beaten, one tried to escape invisible, but Jamros killed it, swinging his sword blindly at the air.
They proceeded with their mission and quickly arrived at the entrance to the undercity, where they saw a foggy figure which later was revealed as Grohl, who run away from them. Some seconds passed and Lahm came out of the hole with a wrathful expression in his face, and told the group Grohl just killed Chief Sull. Quickly the party tracked the mongrelmen and caught him cowering, they forgave him for what he did and got the information they needed for the safe houses, they investigated the Nyserian Manor which was destroyed and found a letter that reveals one of the safe houses, Topaz solutions, a local Alchemy supplies shop.

They went to Topaz Solutions and there was a group of looters which attacked them at first sight, but were easily defeated. In the basement they go attacked by a mandragora and Turael was caught by a trap released by a giant statue of a Marilith and got hyped by the effect of the poison. They manage to beat the creature, also Jamros was tricked with some poisonous Holy symbols. After some time they found proof that the leader of the Ivory labyrinth was in Estrod’s tower.

The group informed Horgus and Aravashnial of the Safe Haven in Defender’s heart and all went there, they took their time and had a good time having a drinking competition won by Celthric, which was sharing his stay with Feena. Meanwhile Horkul made business with a fellow spellcaster. After getting some sleep, the party went on to Estrod’s Tower, and they pretended to be cultists, and they said the password to enter. They were given free pass to enter the leader’s room in the basement, Faxon asked for “the acquisitions” but Jamros showed his intentions and attacked first. In the battle Jamros almost got knocked by two heavy strikes in his head, but he resisted the pain and continued fighting with the reliable support of Turael. Celthric evaded various blows while dancing and cutting his foes with incredible precision. Horkul’s magic managed to control the battlefield and keep the rest of the cultists in the stairs (incredibly don’t know how they failed so much saves I guess they weren’t made for saving reflex) with his Grease spell, but he went melee and got knocked down, and later recovered consciousness only to be knocked again when he used his staff to cure his wounds. Finally Kronug was controlled by a cleric at the start of the battle, but later he said “no” to the orders given by the command user, and hacked his way in the fight, still the spell affected his dexterity somehow and he couldn’t connect his swings as he uses to. The battle was won and the Cultists of Baphomet in the city were defeated, but they got some dire news when they recovered this letter found in the cultist’s treasure room.


The group knows Areelu Vorlesh was none other than the Artificer of the Worldwound, a dangerous witch with enhanced demonic powers and high rank in Deskari’s army. But that was not the main problem, Horkul recognized the Nyhidrian Crystals, as a powerful artifact created from fallen demon lords, used to corrupt and reach worrying new levels of foulness and power. After realizing this, they went to Defender’s heart immediately to report their findings.

Exp: 1880 Exp
Money: 2,310 cp 1177 sp, 2264 gp 11 pp
Goods: 0
Influence: 0
Labor: 0
Magic: 0
Items: 5 silver holy symbols of Iomedae, Magical Scimitar, a wand of bless weapon (10 charges), and a currently broken phylactery of faithfulness. 8 mwk breastplates, 3 mwk chainshirts 3 mwk glaive. 8 mwk longswords. Morningstar, longbow with 1 arrows (12), bracers of armor + 1, cloak of resistance + 1, a set of silver cutlery, a brass goblet, three flaming bolts1, elixir of vision, and a potion of barkskin+2.


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